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Tailift was successfully introduced in the North America market in December of 1996; thousands of units have been sold to date Tailift is currently being represented by a network of approximately 80 dealers with over 100 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A large part of Tailift's success can be attributed the high quality of the product, competitive pricing and fast delivery.
Tailift is manufactured by Tailift Co., Ltd., in Taiwan; Tailift has been manufacturing forklifts since 1987. Tailift is a division of Tai Piin Industrial Co., Ltd., which has been in business since 1972, primarily manufacturing CNC turret punch presses, radial drilling machines, and woodworking equipment. In order to manufacture such products, they must follow strict guidelines in order to achieve the kind of quality control needed to manufacture these products. Tailift puts forward the same effort to the manufacturing of each forklift. The Tailift forklift is currently being sold successfully in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America, in addition to our exclusive distributorship of the product in North America.

Big Joe Equipment produces a wide range of material handling products to suit all your materials handling needs and have an extensive range of replacement parts for your equipment maintenance needs. Our products range from hand pallet trucks to forklift trucks and include everything in between. It is our goal to fulfill all your material handling needs by eliminating the need to individually source pieces of equipment. Working with EP will save your time sourcing products, and benefit your business from Big Joe one stop service.


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