Planned Preventative Maintenance:

Planned Maintenance (PM) programs are available for all brands of forklifts. A well structured PM program will extend the economic life of your lift truck and maximize your return on investment.  A PM program from Sliski Service will provide you with an economical way to keep your fleet safe. By having us perform a PM Service on your forklift, you will meet your OSHA requirements for lift truck maintenance.

 We can schedule the PM visit based on your individual operations. By reducing unplanned downtime we maximize uptime allowing you to move more product per hour and reduce your operating costs.

We offer PM service agreements and not contracts. As usage changes due to economic or seasonal conditions so will the amount of hours that the equipment will run.
Our PM programs are based on a flat rate per machine charge. Any repairs or safety concerns that are found in addition to the PM, will be noted on the worksheet. You will receive a written estimate.

Some of the areas that are checked on a PM are noted below. 


1. Clean Machine (with compressed air)
2. Clean grease fittings and lubricate
3. Check upright and forks,for proper adjustments and lubricate
4. Check hydraulic sump filter cap
5. Check hydraulic oil level, fill if necessary
6. Check and lubricate all connecting shafts and levers.
7. Check steering gear box level
8. Check power steering for proper operation and adjustment.
9. Check differential oil level, fill if necessary.
10. Inspect lift and tilt cylinders
11. Check brake fluid and operation of both service and parking brake.
12. Inspect battery. (Add water if needed)
13. Check Battery cables and sb connections.
14. Check contact assemble and all switches for proper operation.
15. Check tilt cylinder rod ends and anchors. (adjust as needed)
16. Operational check and physical inspection of machine.
17. Check test point voltage.
18. Check maximum current limitation, adjust if necessary.
19. Check starting current, adjust if necessary.
20. Check tires and wheel condition

PM Service

1.  Blow out radiator core and clean truck with compressed air                  
2.  Clean grease fittings and lubricate                                                            
3.  Change engine oil and oil filter element                                                    
4.  Check transmission and differential oil level: fill if necessary                 
5.  Check hydraulic oil level: fill if necessary                                                
6.  Clean air cleaner: inspect hose and connections                                     
7.  Check battery: add water and clean terminals                                          
8.  Check and lubricate all connecting shafts and levers                             
9.  Check alternator and fan drive belts for proper tension                           
10. Check fuel, oil, water systems and all hydraulic hoses for leaks           
11. Check radiator for proper coolant level: fill if necessary                        
12. Inspect brake pedal linkage for proper adjustment                                    
13. Inspect inching pedal linkage for proper adjustment                              
14. Check brake fluid reservoir fluid level                                                    
15. Inspect parking brake lever for proper adjustment                                 
16. Check distributor points for proper adjustment & condition (GAS/LPG)  
17. Inspect spark plugs and ignition system                                                  
18. Check mast assembly for proper adjustment and lubricate                    
19. Inspect lift and tilt cylinders for leaks                                                       
20. Check power steering for proper adjustment                                           
21. Check tilt cylinder rod ends and anchors: adjust/tighten as necessary
22. Check tire & wheel condition: tighten hub bolts if necessary
23. Operational check and physical inspection of truck
24. Check carburetor (GAS/LPG) and accelerator linkage
25. Check engine exhaust pipe and muffler




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